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Executive Summary Report – April 2019

The Polish government plans to dismantle private pension funds (OFE), the Prime Minister announced on 15 April in Warsaw. Assets accumulated in the funds, totalling PLN 162.3 billion (EUR 37.95 bn), will be transferred to individual pension accounts (IKE) or the state-owned social insurance fund.


The European Court of Justice in its judgment from 3 April 2019 (case C‑617/17) rules that the principle of ne bis in idem enshrined in Article 50 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, proclaimed in Nice on 7 December 2000, must be interpreted as not precluding a national competition authority from fining an undertaking in a single decision for an infringement of national competition law and for an infringement of Article 82 EC. In such a situation, the national competition authority must nevertheless ensure that the fines are proportionate to the nature of the infringement.


At the end of 2018 2.6 mln Poles had private health insurance, according to the Polish Insurance Association. It is 23% more than a year before. In 2018 Poles spent PLN 821 mln on these products. In 2010 the amount of GWP was PLN 679 mln.


The Financial Ombudsman has published its activity report. As he wrote, in 2018 clients submitted more than 14k motions to the institution to take intervention against insurance companies. According to the report, in 2018 insurance entities received 370k complaints from clients. 25% of them were considered fully or partly in accordance with the client’s will. In 2018 clients filed 37.6k suits against insurance companies. The aggregated sum of claims amounted to PLN 832 mln. Almost 9k settlements were conducted and 18.5k judgements were issued. Their aggregated value was PLN 158 mln.


Mystery client from UOKiK inspected stores selling electronics. During the inspection UOKiK wanted to verify whether and how shop assistants inform clients about their right to file a complaint under the warranty and whether they can distinguish a warranty from a guarantee. For example, a mystery client checked whether the store refused to consider complaints and sent the client back to the producer, or whether they made it dependent on whether the client kept a receipt.

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