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Owing to our extensive experience in providing legal advice to business, we offer services of the highest quality. Our work is a guarantee to entrepreneurs to allow them to safely develop their business. Our mission is to find solutions, not problems.

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What can we offer

  • Business oriented approach to legal problems
  • Experience based on work in the leading law firms
  • Competitive and flexible approach to fee settlements


Executive Summary Report – July 2018

The Polish Commission on European Union issues has accepted the Polish government’s position on the European Commission’s proposal of amendments to the MTLP directive.

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Executive Summary Report – June 2018

The Financial Ministry is preparing new regulations on the supervision of European Union (EU) insurance companies which perform insurance activity in the territory of Poland under the Freedom Of Establishment (FOE) or the Freedom Of Services (FOS).

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Executive Summary Report – May 2018

On 10 May the Polish Parliament formally approved the draft of the Data Protection Act. The main purpose of the new law is to implement the GDPR and ensure its application, but also to set a new legal and procedural framework for the Polish Data Protection Authority.

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Executive Summary Report – April 2018

On 19 April 2018 in the Polish Senate there was a debate about the compensation advisory market in Poland. The aim of this kind of activity is elimination of market excesses. According to the Commission of Budget and Public Finance it is necessary to discuss compensation advisory conditions and prepare legal regulations for this branch.

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